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In the realm of sport quads, Kawasaki KFX models truly outshine the rest. Discover a world of possibilities for your Kawasaki KFX with our premium aftermarket accessories at Kemimoto.
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Learn more about Kawasaki KFX Accessories

Your factory original Kawasaki KFX 450R is ready to race as soon as you get it! Although, one can always enhance its performance by adding high-quality KFX 450R accessories. Standing at a seat height of 30.9 inches, this model boasts a top speed of 85 MPH.

Weighing in at 516 lbs, the KFX 700 is powered by a robust 697cc 4-stroke V-twin engine. This configuration propels the Kawasaki KFX 700 to an impressive top speed of 74 MPH in its stock condition.

Kawasaki KFX accessories are designed to enhance the performance, durability, and convenience of your vehicle.
Protection Accessories: These include skid plates, a-arm guards, and bumpers which are designed to protect the KFX from damage when navigating rough terrains.
Performance Parts: These could be exhaust systems, fuel controllers, or air filters that help in boosting the power output of your KFX ATV.
Comfort Accessories: These comprise items like heated grips, custom seat covers, and windshields which can make riding more comfortable.
Storage Accessories: These are luggage racks, cargo boxes, tank bags, etc., that provide additional storage space for long rides.
Lighting and Electrical Parts: These accessories, such as LED light bars, headlights, and batteries, are designed to improve visibility and reliability of your KFX.