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Yamaha ATVs, a staple in our off-road history, made their first appearance in the United States with the 1980 Tri-Moto three-wheeler. Discover yamaha atv parts and accessories for all popular Yamaha all-terrain vehicles at Kemimoto, your one-stop-shop for all ATV needs. At Kemimoto, we provide only top-tier, high-performance parts for your Yamaha ATV. Remember, the overall quality of your outdoor vehicles is only as good as the parts they're built with. Read more
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The Yamaha Raptor 700, the all-time best-selling Sport ATV, delivers unparalleled style, comfort, and unrivaled big-bore performance. It is modelled after the iconic R model, providing enthusiasts with powerful big-bore functionality.

Yamaha and Can-Am are two of the most coveted ATV brands on the market. Both companies manufacture top-notch ATVs, promising not only outstanding performance but also remarkable reliability.

ATVs are designed with a lifespan of approximately 10 years or 10,000 miles. However, with proper care and maintenance, their longevity can be extended. The actual lifespan of an ATV greatly depends on the vehicle's quality, its riding history, and the level of upkeep it has received.

Bumpers, mirrors, seat covers and more are all essential when it comes to protecting your vehicle. After installing these protective accessories, your driving experience will be greatly improved.