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The Yamaha Kodiak offers a smooth and quiet ride to ensure your comfort, no matter the terrain. At Kemimoto, our selection of Yamaha Kodiak aftermarket accessories is unparalleled. If you're seeking a light bar mounting bracket, rocker switches, or other accessories, rest assured that we've got what you need.
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The Grizzly 700 boasts a sophisticated suspension system complete with fully adjustable shocks, offering superior handling and a smoother ride. Conversely, the Kodiak 700 operates on a more basic suspension system, making it ideal for hauling and towing heavy loads.

This Proven Off-Road ATV is equipped with Yamaha's exclusive On-Command® 4WD, high-capacity electric fan cooling system, and rubber engine mounts for a remarkably smooth ride. The addition of electronic power steering enhances its capability and comfort. This combination of features instills confidence, making it the best performing mid-size ATV on the market.

The top speed exceeds 50 mph, yet the ride remains incredibly stable. The standout feature of the Kodiak 450 however, is its Electronic Power Steering, which makes long rides feel effortless!

Our inventory includes big bore kits, all the necessary accessories for a comprehensive brake job, and even exhaust upgrades. Don't let your 4x4's capability go underutilized; the Yamaha Kodiak accessories are designed to work for you. Whether you need a plow and tire chains for snow removal, winches, or additional seat covers and storage compartments, we have everything you could possibly need.