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If you're seeking a ride that isn't just aesthetically aggressive but also packs the punch to validate its appearance, the Yamaha Raptor is exactly what you need. Some enthusiasts have even crowned the Raptor as the King of Sport ATVs. At Kemimoto, we offer the essential Yamaha Raptor ATV parts and gear to maintain your ATV with style and at peak performance. Read more
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The Yamaha Raptor has made a significant impression in the realm of power sports. Every enhancement they've introduced has not only elevated their brand but also increased the desirability of their ATVs. Their reliability is demonstrable, with many owners still possessing older models in excellent condition.

The basic Yamaha Raptor 700 is equipped with preload-adjustable shocks. However, the Raptor 700R boasts high-end front and rear shocks, offering a broader range of threaded preload adjustment, along with high- and low-speed compression damping and rebound adjustment.

In terms of cost, the YFZ tends to be more expensive than the Raptor 700, although both are excellent choices for riding enthusiasts. If your preference leans towards a racing style of riding, then the YFZ450 R is the better pick. However, if you're more inclined towards recreational riding, then opting for the Raptor 700R would be a worthwhile consideration.

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