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Designed for superior capability and comfort, the Polaris ACE redefines the solo riding experience. we offer a wide range of aftermarket accessories for Polaris Ace. From Whip Lights and Mirrors to bags and covers and so on, our selection is sure to meet your needs.
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The international version of the Polaris ACE comes with indicators, headlight dimming switches, a horn, a hand brake, and sturdy side-view mirrors, making it road legal. In the US, street legal side-by-sides must have turn signals and mirrors.

After careful consideration, Polaris has made the decision to discontinue production of full-size and Youth ACE single-seat ATVs.
Prior to the RZR RS1, Polaris had the single seater ACE lineup which at the time was leading the charge with single seaters. The RZR RS1 is a significant improvement over the ACE. Not too surprisingly, the ACE line was discontinued in 2019. No doubt Polaris felt they hit pay dirt with the RS1 and buyers agreed.

Among the features on Polaris Off-Road Vehicles is All-Wheel Drive, which can be controlled with the driveline switch, also known as All-Wheel Drive (AWD) switch.

Kemimoto offers an extensive range of accessories for polaris ace to cater to your specific needs. Our inventory includes a diverse selection of high-quality products, including covers, mirrors, bags, lights, protective gear, performance upgrades, and much more.

Kemimoto is known for its exceptional quality and dedication to customer satisfaction. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability, reliability, and performance. With Kemimoto, you can trust that you are getting top-notch aftermarket parts and accessories for your polaris ace.