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Yamaha designed the Wolverine to cater to the recreational segment of the market. It allows you to easily weave through trees and tackle trails with minimal effort. At Kemimoto, we offer a wide range of Yamaha Wolverine accessories, both essential and optional.
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This machine is remarkable. It demonstrated not just the capacity to navigate through any terrain we tested it on, but it did so with exceptional comfort.

Inspect the left section of the steering tube to discover a printed card containing the code and supplementary details. To utilize the Yamaha motor decoder, only the VIN code is required, nothing more. However, the actual year of manufacture is indicated there.

EPI elevates performance even further by designing the Yamaha Wolverine X4 drive belt with deep inner and outer cogs. These provide exceptional clutch surface grip and exhibit extraordinary tolerance to extreme temperatures.

For those who venture out at night, during twilight hours, or find themselves amidst fog, blizzards and other low-light conditions, an accessory like Pro Armor's 30" Yamaha Wolverine dual-row light bar kit can prove invaluable.