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The Yamaha Rhino is a well-rounded machine, built with the perfect balance of capability and speed, making it ideal for both work and trail riding. Over time, Kemimoto has dedicated itself to the design, engineering, and manufacturing of numerous aftermarket parts and accessories tailored for the Rhino.
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Upon its inception, Yamaha Rhino surpassed the competition of its time, such as the heavier and slower Polaris Rangers and Kawasaki Mules. Equipped with a potent engine, agile independent suspension, and a higher maximum speed, the Rhino emerged as the trailblazer of the future.

The Yamaha Rhino, a creation designed for both driver and passenger, is manufactured at Yamaha's Newnan plant in Georgia. It offers the versatility of equipping either a two-wheel or four-wheel drive. As a two-seater side-by-side vehicle, it falls under the classification of a Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) or Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle (ROV), making it a versatile choice for various terrains.

Generally, adding accessories should not negatively affect your Rhino's performance. In fact, many accessories like winches and lights can enhance its functionality and versatility.

Cab enclosures and heaters are essential for a comfortable ride in your Yamaha Rhino during colder weather conditions. Cab enclosures, which are easy to install, feature rear windows to enhance visibility and can be zipped shut to ensure a secure seal against the cold. To augment the warmth in an enclosed cab, various Yamaha Rhino accessories like cab heaters are available. One standout product is Kemimoto's easy-to-install and user-friendly cab heater, specifically designed to simplify winter operations.