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The Yamaha YXZ is built for speed. As an owner, you're not one to settle for leisurely group rides – you crave the thrill of adrenaline. At Kemimoto, we cater to your adventurous spirit with our array of Yamaha YXZ accessories. From windshields and mirrors to covers and suspension parts, we've got you covered!
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All-new for the YXZ1000R SS is Yamaha's Auto-Shift Technology, providing the pure sport, direct-connection feeling to even automatic-transmission drivers, with the flexibility of switching to a manual gear-selection for the ultimate direct-connection experience.

The 2024 YXZ lineup boasts a new close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission, offering enhanced capability and comfort during low-speed operation. With optimized gear ratios and a 40% lower first gear, the YXZ models deliver the next level of aptitude and performance across various terrains.

Yes, Kemimoto provides solutions for easy control of all your aftermarket accessories. We offer switches, switch panels, and switch wiring kits for both rocker-style and toggle-style switches.

You can increase the storage capacity of your Yamaha YXZ by installing bags available at Kemimoto.

Absolutely! For an enhanced riding experience, you may consider our whip lights and RGB LED mirrors for a more plush ride.