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Unique in its provision of "true" three-person seating, the Viking stands out as the only UTV offering this feature until now. Kemimoto presents a wide array of enhancements and aftermarket accessories for your Viking, including windshields, lift kits, lights, covers, and much more. So why wait? Start exploring today!
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Learn more about Yamaha Viking Accessories

The Yamaha Viking is a side-by-side utility vehicle; while it may not the best in any one area, it consistently performs above average across the board. Many prospective UTV owners select the Yamaha Viking for its comfort and spaciousness. Others favor the Viking for its reliability and unwavering performance in the field.

Both the Yamaha Viking and the Yamaha Wolverine excel as off-road vehicles. They are versatile machines that can be used for a variety of tasks such as yard work, firewood hauling, snow plowing or trail riding.

You have the flexibility to personalize your vehicle with separate Yamaha Viking street-legal accessories such as indicators, mirrors, and illuminated license plate holders. For a more convenient solution, choose an all-encompassing Yamaha Viking street-legal kit from Kemimoto that ensures your ride is fully compliant with legal requirements.

Essential accessories for hunters, such as gun racks, camouflage covers, cabin heaters, and additional storage mounts, can all be found at Kemimoto where you'll encounter exceptional quality at a fantastic price. Regardless of your hunting targets, we offer the necessary Yamaha Viking accessories to support your pursuit.

Whether you're seeking performance enhancements or aesthetic upgrades, Kemimoto offers everything you need to revamp your Viking UTV. Our collection includes a 2-Inch Lift Kit for Yamaha Viking 700, Night Vision Side Mirrors, Yamaha Viking 700 & VI Snorkel Kit, and many more. With us, you'll find all Yamaha Viking accessories to elevate your vehicle's capabilities.